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DSI OB-6 sound demo
Als ich damals schnell das Demo zu einigen meiner OB-6 Sounds aufnahm, die ich für den gerade erst von Dave Smith Instruments angekündigten, neuen [...]
White SCHMIDT Synthesizer
Axel Fisher just posted a photo of a white SCHMIDT Synthesizer on Facebook. According to Axel a second batch of 25 pieces (in total 50 pieces) will be [...]
Bertl – Filmmusik
Ein kurzer Film über ein langes Leben: Bertl, ein Bauernleben. Ein Film von Ernst Hefter.
20 Synthesizer design by Axel Hartmann
„We have 4 weeks left, until christmas 2016 will be here. And one more year of hard work lies behind us. The 20 is working and sounding fine now. And [...]
DSI Pro 2: My Factory Sounds
Please make a backup of all your DSI Pro 2 sounds before loading my sounds into your Pro 2. Unfortunately I cannot check any more to which bank these [...]
Arturia DrumBrute demos
Here you’ll find my demos of Arturia’s DrumBrute. Enjoy.
Unpacking Arturia’s DrumBrute
Wooh, thumbs up Arturia! As some of you might have read, I was quite disappointed about another delay in getting the MatrixBrute. And in the case of [...]
sndEXMP – Roland Boutique JU-06

Ern(e)st interpretation(s) of „Sunday“

Video: Ernst Hefter
Music: Peter M Mahr

DSI OB-6: My Factory Sounds
Hi, Some of you asked for it. And here they are. The sounds I contributed to the factory presets of Dave Smith Instruments OB-6. At the bottom of this blog [...]
Open letter to Arturia
Dear friends in Grenoble, I really appreciate your development as a company and I am impressed by the way how you developed your portfolio over the years. [...]
Prophet-5 vs Prophet-6 comparison
As some of you might know, I am not a fan of comparisons between different instruments. They mainly go into one direction, did anyone for example ever ask [...]
COTK M15©pmm #1
Modular – polyphonic?
Here is an example of how a monophonic modular synthesizer can be used polyphonically. Nothing groundbreaking of course and not really polyphonic, but as I [...]

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