Focusrite RED3
Still in use, still lovin‘ it.
PreAmp Comparison
Today I finally could reconnect everything in the studio. To check if all connections are in place and working I recorded a short Minimoog Reissue (MMR) [...]
Roland SYSTEM-8
When I listened the first time to the Jupiter-8 factory sounds of Roland’s SYSTEM-8 I was quite disappointed. But after a little tweaking I ended up [...]
Outboard 2017
Outboard 2017
Roland TR-808 Samples
There ist not much to say that has not already been said about Roland’s TR-808. Like its brother the TR-909 it is a classic drum machine with sounds [...]
DSI Pro 2: My Factory Sounds
The following audio track is a demo of some sounds I programmed for the Pro-2 factory patches: Single sound examples: WubSub: Para Simple Saw: Soft Sync: [...]
Arturia DrumBrute demos
Here you’ll find my demos of Arturia’s DrumBrute. Enjoy.
sndEXMP – Roland Boutique JU-06
DSI OB-6: My Factory Sounds
OB-6: „Modern Pad“ OB-6: „Can the DSI OB-6 do classic Oberheim sounds?“ OB-6: More examples Intro Pad: First 4 chords are OB-6 dry, [...]
Modular – polyphonic?
Here is an example of how a monophonic modular synthesizer can be used polyphonically. Nothing groundbreaking of course and not really polyphonic, but as I [...]