Nonlinear Labs C15 Demos

Alle C15 Demos zusammengefasst in einem Beitrag, mit kurzen Kommentaren zu den jeweiligen Aufnahmen. [Änderung 06.04.2018: Zusätzliches „Evangelos“ Klangbeispiel]


POLYMath demos

Here is a collection of Analogue Solutions POLYMath audio demos. I have recorded the first demo track after a discussion with Peter Grandl of AMAZONA and Bernd Kistenmacher to whom this demo is dedicated to. It is probably not hard to guess by whom sound wise this POLYMath demo has been inspired. Of course only the first part.


Analogue Solutions POLYMath poly demo

Here is a short demo of Analogue Solution’s POLYMath paraphonic modular synthesizer.


Spectrasonics Keyscape – C7

Ich kann mich der allgemeinen Begeisterung nur voll und ganz anschliessen. Was Eric Persing und sein Team mit Keyscape abgeliefert haben lässt mich, der ich mich mit PlugIns nicht so recht anfreunden will… wollte, ins Schwärmen kommen.


Now on Instagram

Now you can also follow me on instagram. There you’ll find synthesizer and equipment photos.


Focusrite RED3

Still in use, still lovin‘ it.


PreAmp Comparison

Today I finally could reconnect everything in the studio. To check if all connections are in place and working I recorded a short Minimoog Reissue (MMR) demo. I added a simple beat with samples in the AKAI MPC4000 and let only the Mini run thru different PreAmps. One was API’s 512c the other Millennia’s HV-35. The Minimoogs A-440 signal generator was used to set more or less equal levels on both PreAmps.


Roland SYSTEM-8

  • When I listened the first time to the Jupiter-8 factory sounds of Roland’s SYSTEM-8 I was quite disappointed. But after a little tweaking I ended up with the kind of pad sound which I interedted. Here is a short demo.


Outboard 2017


Find details here

Free Roland TR-808 Samples

There ist not much to say that has not already been said about Roland’s TR-808. Like its brother the TR-909 it is a classic. Its sounds, patterns and groove influenced and inspired many musicians. New music styles emerged and made this machine more famous over the time then it was in the year of its launch.

In the last years 2nd hand prices increased and have reached a level which makes it hard for most of us to purchase one. Sampled sounds are of course not the same like playing  the original, but they might be helpful in some situations. Therefore I thought I share the samples I made.

Drop me a line or leave a comment so that I can provide you access to the download file.

Thank you Georg – aka swissdoc – for lending me your TR-808.


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