Why I love the Roland R-880
Roland´s R-880 reverb was released in 1989 and was aimed at the professional market. I am not sure if it was a success for Roland, but what I know is that [...]
Hammond XK-5
Here are three sound examples of Hammond’s new XK-5. I recorded them right after unpacking. No EFX, no EQ (except the internal ones of the XK-5) and [...]
April 17th afternoon
DAWless: Club of the Knobs – Synthesizer Model 15 Moog – Minimoog Model D Reissue AKAI – MPC4000 (Arturia DrumBrute Sound Set) All EFX: [...]
PreAmp Comparison
Today I finally could reconnect everything in the studio. To check if all connections are in place and working I recorded a short Minimoog Reissue (MMR) [...]
Outboard 2017
Outboard 2017
Laboratory 2017
Roland TR-808 Samples
There ist not much to say that has not already been said about Roland’s TR-808. Like its brother the TR-909 it is a classic drum machine with sounds [...]
My inconsistency #1105
My inconsistency #1105
100 Things: Moog Minimoog Model D Reissue
Schönes Minimoog Model D Reissue Audiodemo von 100 things to do. Netter Nebeneffekt, es kommt ohne Schnöselkommentare über Durchschnittsmenschen, [...]

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