Dave Smith Instruments – Prophet 12 Sound Bank A vers. 26.10.2013

On the bottom of this blog entry you can download the Prophet 12 sounds programmed for the audio demos.

This sound bank is actually more kind of workbench then a complete bank of new programmed sounds. However, some of them are finished, others are in work.

P1 „It’s a Prophet pmm“
I used the Factory Preset #1 to get a kind of Alphaville’s „Big in Japan“ sound. Please check the dynamic range by applying different velocity values. This sound was used at the beginning of

The Filter Envelope Amount was manually changed to get this kind of „fade in“ at the beginning.

P2 „Pro Bass 1 pmm“
Variation of P1, Bass sound that reminds me a bit on the SCI Pro-One.

P3 „Pro Bass 2a pmm“
Variation of P2, should be used with Pitch Bend. Push the Mod Wheel and then use SL1. Either this sound or version 2b (see sound #P5 below) was used at the end of Session 2 [starting at around 45s]

P4 „80’s Whoble Bs pmm“
Filter Attack = 30, try also smaller values like Attack = 2. You also might prefer a louder SubOsc1. However this sound comes alive once you start using SL1 and SL2. I recommend to start with SL1 and then add SL2. This sound was used in session 8 [starting at around 1min51s]

P5 „Pro Bass 2b pmm“
Is for people like me, who forget that they can apply „Unison Mode“ and „Glide“ in P3.

P6 „Nasal Bass pmm“
Was used at the beginning of „Session 7 Pads and Basses“ (below – Session 7 Pads + Basses), reminds me a bit on 80ies DM sounds.

P7 „Nena Bass pmm“
The kind of synth bass sound which was used on Nena’s first record. You can hear it in this audio file [starting at around 1m3s]

P8 „Vel Bass WhSl pmm“
Use ModWheel and SL1 for some changes, reminds me on several 80ies synth basses.

P9 „Fortunately Over“
No, it is not Van Halen’s „Jump“ sound, but an attempt to make the P12 sound like the typical „Synth Brass“ machine in the mid 80ies. Fortunately these days are over, therefore the sound name. You can listen to it at 2m37s here

P10 „Dark Pad pmm“
It is the pad sound I was asked for and starts at 20s

As this caused some interest I would like to give a bit more details. LFO1 is used for overall pitch modulation of all oscillators. If you want to add some more „thickness“, then push the ModWheel. It controls the amount of LFO2 which is routed to Osc1 Pitch only. It is not a dramatic change, but if you put ModWheel into position 0 again you will hear the difference. The pad is velocity sensitive.

P11 „ModW Fade In pmm“
This is the pad I used in [starting after around 36s]

ModWheel is controlling the LPF Env Amount, but maybe in the opposite way then one might expect it. Push the ModWheel to maximum position, play a chord and then move the ModWheel back to pos = 0.

P12 „Double Pad“
This is the kind of pad sound which is more unique to the P12, one of the two sounds uses a different waveform than the usual analog ones. This sound follows immediately after P11 in session 8

P13 „Detroit Minor“
Factory Sound.

P14 – P16
Variations of sounds I am currently working on. P15 reminds me a bit on one of the sounds used by DM on my favorite record of theirs [„Ultra“, yes, the one person who says it is his favorite DM record, that’s me].

P17 „Hot n Dusty“
Factory Sound, but I might have made some minor changes.

P18 „Magic Things“
Factory Sound, reminds me a bit on a sound used by Vangelis. No I am not talking about the famous CS80 sounds.

P19 „CODE Sync“
Turn of „Glide“ and play it in the lower range. Sound is a tiny variation of Factory F4-P1 „Prophet Sync“.

P20 like P1

P21 „Square Touch“
A square pad, probably not of much use these days.

P22 „Just a SQR Dream“
Old school square sound approach.

Starting from here all further pad sounds are either backups or variations of sound# P10.

P30 „Ultravox Lament“
Failed attempt to mimic Billie Currie’s pad sound in Ultravox’s „lament“. Actually quite unfair as Billie Currie might have used his beloved Yamaha GS1 which had a great chorus on it.

P31 „Double Touch“
Attempt to mimic Swiss band „Double“ pad sound used in „The captain of her heart“. It was used in [starting after around 1m28s]

P32 „Father Pad“
Attempt to mimic George Michael’s „Father Figure“ pad sound.

P33 + P34
Factory Sounds.

P35 „JX Pad“
Backup of P10 with maybe some minor changes, but can also be identical.

P36 – P38
Factory Sounds

P39 „Dark Pad“

P40 „Twin Peaks Pad“
Those who know the movie, know this sound. For those who do not know David Lynch’s movie should google it or check on Youtube. Just play D-minor and change the A to Bb back to A and then to C.

The remaining sounds are mostly factory sounds. However some of them are overwritten and used as backup location. Actually I would prefer to see the sound’s names to which I store, so that I do not accidentally overwrite sounds. Unfortunately this happened to me twice. To avoid this might be explained in the manual, but so far there was not time to read it.

[ADDENDUM – NewsFromTheSky sent me the following message „If you press WRITE and the COMPARE it will show the name of the program which will be overwritten, but you have to press COMPARE again before you can overwrite.“ I still think seeing the name of the program which will be overwritten is a better solution. However, this is a good way to handle it and a hint, that I should finally really have a look into the manual. At least sometimes. Thank you „NewsFromTheSky“ for your help!]

IMPORTANT! Backup your sounds before loading this sound set. Files will overwrite all 4 banks as SoundTower’s P12 Editor can only export all sound data as sys ex file.

SysEx file
Prophet12 Sounds 26Oct2013.syx

SoundTower P12 Editor
Bank U1 26.10.2013.p12b

HINT! Although it is not necessary, it might be worth to calibrate all filters of your P12 after installing the sounds (GLOBAL function).

Hope you find some of them inspirational.



4 Kommentare

  1. link to patches is dead. would love to try some of these out. working link?

  2. Have a question, just downloaded the sound pack and transferred it to my prophet, the sounds works great but the lights on the voices are acting different from before.. They are jumping ahead instead of going from one to the next. Can I change it back??

    • Hi Jack,

      Find here a new and complete bank of sounds for the P12: http://www.petermmahr.com/dsi-prophet-12-cpm-soundset-download/

      Regarding the lights. This is something I never experienced before. Is this the case for all sounds (single, layer, etc.)? However, I just checked on my P12 with sound# P2 „Boxer CPM“ and played a mono line. And there the lights are going from one to the next. Somehow I doubt it has something to do with the SoundSet. We posted some recommendations on the link above.

      Best regards,

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