Greece’s synthesizer manufacturer dreadbox goes modular.

Demos of dreadbox‘ g-system:

Demo of dreadbox‘ y-system:

Description of the single modules:

ALPHA module:
2 ADSR envelope generators with offset depth control, rate switch (fast-slow)
MIDI to CV gate and paraphony Convertor (with seperate Glide controls)
Modulation Wheel to CV Convertor

OMIKRON module:
2 oscillators with 4 waves each
Pulse Width modulation input
Audio interface
– Sub wave generator
– Audio to Gate generator
– Audio to Sync convertor
Audio can sync the VCO

LAMDA module:
8-pole state variable filter
Dual Resonance frequencies
Filter types
– 2pole Low Pass (single resonance frequency)
– 4pole High Pass (single resonance frequency)
– 8pole Low Pass
– 8pole High Pass
– 8pole Band Pass
– 8pole Notch
OTA Drive Circuit

THETA module:
Simple Dual LFO
Sample & Hold
White Noise Generator
Auto Gate generator (Clock with variable PW and Tap Tempo)

DELTA module:
Dual Digital Lo-Fi Delay
Wet output for both delays
Time modulation for both delays

GAMMA module:
Synth Voice
Its Unique Oscillator is consisted of 6 saw tooth VCOs
It can produce from fat bass to space noise sounds
2-pole state variable filter
Dual VCA

YPSILON module:
Voltage Controlled LFO
Wide Frequency range (1min- 880Hz)
8 simultaneous wave outputs
VC Attenuator
Reset (sync) function
Unique wave-forming system