DSI OB-6: My Factory Sounds

17. November 2016 - Sound, Studio, Taste
DSI OB-6: My Factory Sounds


OB-6: „Modern Pad“

OB-6: „Can the DSI OB-6 do classic Oberheim sounds?“

OB-6: More examples
Intro Pad: First 4 chords are OB-6 dry, followed by the same chords plus internal EFX. Other sounds use only internal OB-6 EFX.


Some of you asked for it, and here they are. The sounds I contributed to the factory presets for Dave Smith Instruments OB-6.

At the bottom of this blog entry you’ll find the pdf with some information and the sysex file.

IMPORTANT – The sounds were originally stored in the first User Bank (please see pdf). However, I highly recommend to make a backup of all your sounds BEFORE loading the sounds.





These Factory Sounds were programmed for the Dave Smith Instruments DSI OB-6 and they are freely distributed „as is”. I cannot be hold liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss because of using these sounds. If you do not agree to these terms, then do not download and install. You are using these sounds at your own risk.

2 thoughts on “DSI OB-6: My Factory Sounds

Logan Brucken

Hello Peter,

Thank you for sharing your talent in the synth community!

It seems you are not only a skilled programmer; but also have good sense for musical composition. I would speculate your contribution helped make the OB-6 product roll out a success. Your patches and comments effectively validated the design for people.

Well Dave certainly doesn’t need a lot help. And I would have bought the OB-6 regardless though. But he should be thankful for guys like you that do user acceptance testing. In my opinion the industry is very fortunate to have Dave Smith still creating great instruments.

Thanks again. Hopefully someday I will have a portion of your ability.


    Peter M Mahr

    Hello Logan,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I absoluetly agree to every word you wrote about Dave Smith and DSI. The company developed nicely and so did their instruments.

    All the best to you and once more, thank you for your kind words.



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