Part 2 of our Prophet 12 CPM SoundSet demo sessions.

Sound: Hybrid Aah
At the beginning of this example Slider 2 (SL2) is set to maximum. If you want to make the guy sound bad, at least in the lower range, just move Slider 1 all the way up.

In the next demo Filter Decay is controlled by the ModWheel, which also controls the Delay 1 amount. Slider 1 controls LPF CutOff whereas Slider2 fades in the Sub Osc (level) and adds to the bottom:

Sound: Marimba Dreams

And here is another one reminding us a bit on a PPG Wave:

Sound: Norweg Str

The following example starts with a sound that reminds us on the D-50 but after eight bars it starts to shine bright:

Sound: D50 Pad

Sound: Aton Chor