DSI Prophet 12 – CPM SoundSet – Download

Here you find the download link to Cord Mueller’s and my CPM SoundSet. Please read the following information before downloading and transferring our sounds to your DSI Prophet 12.

Dave Smith Instruments - Prophet 12: CPM SoundSet

Dave Smith Instruments – Prophet 12: CPM SoundSet

CPM SoundSet
The CPM SoundSet consists of 99 programs we programmed for Dave Smith Instruments‘ Prophet 12. The sounds are available as a SysEx download file at the bottom of this blog entry. It will load into User Bank 4. Most important, our CPM SoundSet is for free! However, we appreciate any comment [preferably here] be it positive or negative, any suggestion and in case you will use one of our sounds on a record it will be even more appreciated if you mention the usage of our sounds.

Prophet 12 Operating System
We programmed the sounds on two different Prophet 12s. On one was OS installed whereas on the other OS When we exchanged sound files it turned out that our programs sounded a bit different on the other’s instrument. This is due to small changes made in different OSs. It is known and discussed also on the dsiforum. However, we updated both instruments to the latest version, which is 1.1.1. You find the newest Prophet 12 OS together with additional information here at the dsiforum.

First a general recommendation:
Before updating to a new OS or loading the CPM SoundSet into your P12 make a backup of your sounds.

After updating to a new OS and also after loading our SoundSet into your P12 we recommend to „Autotune Filters„. At least once. You find this feature on the Prophet 12 by pressing „Global“ and going down to #26. This process takes a while but believe us, it is worth the wait.

Hint! Increase the HPF Resonance of a bass sound like e.g. #8 Delay Bass. Interesting, isn’t it?

Sound Demos
We recorded several demos which should help to get an idea of what was the aim of the program. You find the collection and two demo tracks on SoundCloud. Although this is my personal SoundCloud account I want to point out, that these demos were made by us (CPM).

Thank you
We would like to thank the owners of the dsiforum for allowing us to promote our CPM SoundSet there and the P12 community for their interest. Well… and the fact, that it is a very relaxed community. We also would like to thank Joern Daberkow in solving issues we had with WordPress.

The Prophet 12 CPM SoundSet is freely distributed „as is”. We cannot be hold liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss because of using or misusing our CPM SoundSet. Please use these sounds at your own risk.

And here you find the DOWNLOAD File, please click -> CPM SoundSet Download File © Cord Mueller & Peter M. Mahr
Please respect the © and do not distribute this file to anyone although the SoundSet is for free. It can be downloaded from this webpage.

Program names:

  1. Epic VS
  2. Boxer
  3. Soft WT Keys
  4. Van Ice Piano
  5. Aton Chor
  6. LongHold Solo
  7. D50 Pad
  8. Delay Bass
  9. So schoen kann’s
  10. Axel F
  11. Polar Lights
  12. Marimb Dream
  13. Super Pulse Sld1
  14. Norweg Str
  15. TB-303 Dist
  16. All Digital Wav
  17. Shiver
  18. Time 2 Develop
  19. Dark City
  20. Toto Africa
  21. Hybrid Aah
  22. Common & Lie
  23. VA Prophet 12
  24. Lonely
  25. Nena Bass
  26. Old Russia
  27. SQR Dream
  28. Male Choir
  29. DMUltra Pad
  30. Crocket
  31. Mystic
  32. PowSawXmas
  33. Broken Feather
  34. CZ Trumpet
  35. Developing Bass
  36. Twin Peaks Pad
  37. Strange Love
  38. Saturn Res Pad
  39. D-50 Good Bye
  40. GC HPFFerl
  41. Jarringer 2013
  42. Yazoo Square
  43. Aparat Candil
  44. Random Sync
  45. Whoble Bs
  46. Dragon
  47. ProUnison
  48. Let Echo Work
  49. PowerSaw Pad
  50. Don’t go
  51. Chorus Wonder
  52. Orbital Fart
  53. PWMazing
  54. Just a Dream
  55. Touch Slider
  56. 70ies StrEns
  57. Wave Piano
  58. Prophet Chor
  59. Just Can’t Get E
  60. SynBrass Keys
  61. Pro Fretless
  62. PPG Bells
  63. CODE Sync
  64. Dream Arp
  65. Nasal Bass
  66. 4 Pole Res Sweep
  67. Fortun. Over
  68. Contr. Feedbk.
  69. Radiation X
  70. Vintage Divider
  71. Icemachine
  72. Res Bass
  73. Vel. Rez Shot
  74. Blue Chor
  75. Footprint Bass
  76. Watte Pad
  77. Digi’esque
  78. SL2 Bass
  79. Seq. Line
  80. Blue Synth
  81. ModW Fade In
  82. Room Digi Bass
  83. Square Touch
  84. Yes still 1 Osc
  85. SteelDr Dream
  86. 4Pol Res Pad
  87. Gravity EP
  88. JX Pad
  89. ModW Bass
  90. PPeG ZweiDrei
  91. BD1 & Slap
  92. BD2 & Hihats
  93. 808 Cowbell
  94. Nois Drum 14
  95. Schuhplattler
  96. NoisReso 17
  97. Shut Drum 18
  98. PC Drum 19
  99. Let Down

CPM SoundSet, all demo files and photos © Cord Mueller & Peter M. Mahr

Here is one very nice track recorded entirely with the sounds of this set:

© MakesSynthToMe

And here is another one using patch #56 „70ies StrEns“:

© MakesSynthToMe

First released April 12th, 2014
Erstveröffentlichung 12.04.2014

81 Kommentare

  1. This is beautiful work thanks.

  2. Matthew Thomas aka "Geoscience"

    13. April 2014 um 0:05

    Wonderful sounds for my Prophet 12. This is very generous of the two of you and is much appreciated!

    Vielen Dank

  3. Jonas Sjöström

    13. April 2014 um 15:22

    Really great sounds! Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Such amazing work. Thanks to you both for this gift.

  5. Many Thanks to Cord Mueller & Peter M. Mahr . fantastic patches ! great work. these really show what the prophet 12 can do. Thanks Again

  6. Javier Zubizarreta

    14. April 2014 um 8:15

    Excellent demos Peter!!!

  7. Thank you Cord Mueller & Peter M. Mahr!!!

    Appreciate the time you have taken & show off what the P12 can do – Some of those patches are divine…
    I know its a cliché but its true. I felt like a little kid in a candy store going through those patches.

    P6 LongHold Solo, glide & delay… woot :)
    P16 All Digital Wav & P21 Hybrid Aah, I just keep getting lost in playing with these.
    P29 DMUltra Pad, P32 PowSaw Xmas, P35 Developing Bass – love them!
    P71 Ice Machine – this Apr reminds me of something, just cant pick it. Think it could be from your Daft Punk remix?
    P78 SL2 Bass :D
    Orbital Fart made me chuckle.

    Lots of other great patches, too many to list all the ones I like.

    Thank you!

  8. Excellent work in coming up with a bank of sounds that are so different to everything else on the P12. Really showcases the versatility of the synth, particularly its digital side. Extra kudos for your generosity in making the bank available for free. :)

  9. Been playing many happy afternoons with the soundset since you guys put it out. This is seriously tops! Kudos and big thanks to you both mr. Mahr and Mueller for the time and work you’ve given! :)

  10. Hey hey Cord and Peter,
    thank you for this brilliant soundset! It is the most useful of all the soundsets for the Prophet 12 that I have heard so far. Some sounds were technically inspiring others invite to play and let the imagination run away. :)
    It’s just a pitty that you left the second layers of sounds empty or filled it with a default sound, when you didn’t use it for splits and stacks.
    Also thank you for using bank four! This allows me to continue with my own sound development on bank one while keeping yours.
    A very useful soundset for the melodically minded! With such an instrument it is difficult not to succomb to all the advanced technical features and loosing yourself in fascinatingly strange sounds.

    Ta-ta F. silvain

    • Hey Silvain,

      Thank you so much. For those who are reading here and do not know – Silvain also provides sounds for the P12, and they are great! Silvain, feel free to post a link here.


  11. Antony Fewster

    26. April 2014 um 21:55

    Thanks for the great work – the patches are fantastic in themselves, yet can be a great springboard into diving deeper and taking the patches to the next level. Much appreciated.

    • Hi Anthony,

      Great to read that! This was exactly our intention, sounds that can be used in tracks and / or are a springboard into developing own sounds. Thank you for your kind feedback!


  12. It is a great time we live. Thank you Dave Smith for all your work. May you live your dream over and over. I plan on getting my mite on as much gear as I can. You truly outdone yourself and your instruments will live on past 21 Century. You have you mark on music. My applause goes to the sound designers of this soundset. Great work. Great Soundscapes. I close my eyes and feel the music. Thanks for the experience to everybody on the work. Extrardinary.

    • Agreed, the Prophet 12 is also in my opinion one of the most interesting synthesizers built in the last years. The Pro2 and MFB’s Dominion I would name as other examples. But I wanted to thank you for your kind feedback on Cord’s and my CPM SoundSet.


  13. Hello Cord and Peter,
    thank you for this wonderful sounds. In the last weeks i was thinking about to sale my Prophet 12.
    But with your soundset i can´t do it. This sounds shows, what we can do with the Prophet 12.
    A great Synthesizer with a great Community. THANKS !!!

    • Hi Helmut,

      I hope you did not regret your decision since you downloaded our sounds. We would like to thank you very much for your kind words. Have much fun with the P12.

      All the best and greetings from Vienna,

  14. Worked it out after reading the text again ;) Works perfect

  15. Hallo Peter,
    nachdem ich viel von dir – u.a. zum Propeht 12 und zum neuen Pro 2 gelesen und gehört habe,
    frage ich mich (ernsthaft), ob der Pro 2 doch weitgehend anders klingt oder ob man fast alles auch mit dem Prophet 12 „hinbekommt“. Ich „eiere“ zwischen beiden hin und her, der Kopf sagt 12 (Möglichkeiten!), der Bauch Pro 2 (Sound „an sich“).
    Würde mich über ein Statement bzw. eine Lebenshilfe sehr freuen…

    • Hallo Johannes,

      Das hängt meines Erachtens davon ab was Du suchst und was Du schon hast. Generell würde ich zum Prophet 12 raten, wenn man nicht explizit auf der Suche nach einem Monophonen ist. Wie sieht denn Dein Anforderungsprofil aus?

      Liebe Grüße,

  16. Hallo Peter,
    so schnell…, danke herzlich! – Nein, es muss kein Monophoner sein. Im Gegenteil: gerne polyphon, gerne die Möglichkeiten des Prophet 12. Ich muss ihn ausprobieren.
    Mein Problem: die meisten veröffentlichten Sounds entsprechen weniger meinen Vorstellungen, erinnern mich an den alten VS, die des Pro 2 hingegen „packen“ mich eher. Direkter?
    Wenn der Pro aber eine „Singleauskoppelung“ aus dem 12er ist, müsste der es auch können. Oder?
    Supersaw alleine kann es nicht sein. Anforderung: Spielbare Solo-Sounds, organische Flächen, vielleicht eher old school, Jazz, Prophet 5- artig, Zawinul-artig… Vielleicht doch der 08er, oder gar NL 4… Aber das müsste der 12er auch können. Nur man hört es nicht.
    Liebe Grüße

    • Hallo Johannes,

      Ok, das ist dann natürlich etwas anderes. Cord und ich, wir haben uns bei diesen Sounds mehr auf VS-, PPG- und z.B. D-50 artige Sounds konzentriert. Man bekommt bestimmt den einen oder anderen Klang hin, der in die von Dir gewünschte Richtung geht. Dennoch glaube ich, dass Du in dem Fall mit den beiden von Dir genannten Kandidaten besser beraten bist.

      Der Pro2 ist direkter und ich bin gespannt, was DSI mit den beiden neuen Filtern in Zukunft noch machen wird. Für den Moment erwarte ich mir aber nicht so schnell einen neuen Polyphonen. Ich vermute, dass ein derartiges Instrument einen negativen Einfluss auf die P12 Verkaufszahlen haben würde. Das ist aber jetzt reine Spekulation und ich lasse mich gerne eines Besseren belehren. Denn wünschen würde ich mir eine Art P5 oder einen P600, mit zwei analogen Oszillatoren und den neuen Filtern. Damit könnte man das Thema „old school“ vermutlich noch besser abdecken.

      Liebe Grüße,

  17. Lieber Peter,
    das hilft mir sehr weiter. Ich bedanke mich herzlich!

    Liebe Grüße,

  18. Peter, Cord
    Thank you for an awesome set of patches! There was obviously a lot of work put into these.
    Here’s an 80’s inspired track using only presets from the CPM soundset. Enjoy!


    • Hi,

      Thank you very much for this really nice track and your kind words. I added the link to our blog entry.

      Enjoy the sounds. And I am looking forward to more tracks of you!


  19. hi,
    Thank’s for the free P12 bank. Hope to enjoy soon your patches.
    I’ve done a bank too and, like your, is for free. Here my youtube video to listen it:

    and here where download it in the NSPA section (sorry but only after registration …the forum is not mine)

    Best Regards


  20. Hey Peter. I just uploaded the CPM soundset to my P12, and it is very inspiring.
    Those sounds are wonderful, thank you again !!

  21. Dear Peter

    Thank you so much for sharing this soundset, it is so well done and very inspiring

    I truly think your work should be loaded as factory bank on all Prophet 12, plenty more usable than what comes out of the factory

    All the best, and hope to buy future commercial releases from you at some stage!

    • Hi Marcello,

      Thank you so much for your kind feedback.

      Although this is my web address having my name, it is important to me to mention that the CPM SoundSet is a project between my friend Cord (Mueller) and me. I do not know anymore, but think that Cord even provided more than 50 sounds to it. Therefore we both thank you for your kind words. ;-)

      If there is interest in further sounds, but commercial releases, then this might be something Cord and I will discuss further. However, currently I am quite busy with my job (recently traveling a lot) and it seems to be the same for Cord. But please watch this space for any future Prophet 12 sound releases.

      All the best,

  22. Such a great set of sounds. Thank you very much, fantastic. It really shows what the Prophet 12 is capable of. Usable, inspiring sounds.

  23. Asier Cazalis

    22. Januar 2015 um 17:57

    Amazing work guys. And so generous! I just add my voice to the many that think your patches are better than those that come with the P12. Twin Peaks is my personal favourite quite elegant.

    • Hi,

      Well… we are actually quite surprised about the success of our SoundSet. In the meantime it was downloaded more than 650 times. Ok, it is for free, but still the number of downloads is not that bad. But what is really great about it, is the feedback we receive from P12 owners like you. Thank you very much for your kind feedback!

      All the best and enjoy your Prophet 12,

  24. Hallo Peter,

    vielen Dank für die wunderschönen Sounds (Patches), es hat mich sofort inspiriert etwas draus zu machen. Nachdem das Update auf 1.2 erfolgte, übertrag er deine patches auf die user Bank 4 ohne Probleme.
    Sobald was fertig ist, lass ich es dich wissen.

    Vielen Dank und beste Grüße


    PS: Weiss du woran es liegen könnte dass er immer die Stimmen in der Reihenfolge abspielt (A nach B), obwohl es keinen Sound auf dem Stack A gibt und die drei Einstellungsmöglichkeiten Edit, Split und Stack nicht aktiviert sind? Danke

    • Hallo Max,

      Sorry für die späte Freischaltung, aber wenn ich unterwegs bin ist das aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht möglich.

      Es freut Cord und mich zu sehen, dass es noch wie vor Musiker gibt, die sich unser SoundSet runter laden und mit den Klängen eine Freude haben. Genau das war unser Antrieb und es ist für uns schön zu sehen, dass das klappt. Und ja bitte, gib mir unbedingt Bescheid, ich würde dann einen Link hier einfügen.

      Meinst Du die rot aufleuchtenden LEDs? Die Reihenfolge ist eigenartig. Das haben schon mehrere P12 User gefragt. Ich hatte das auf meinem auch einmal, aber nach zwei Resets war das gelöst. Oder meintest Du etwas anderes? Aber 12 stimmig ist er schon, oder?

      Liebe Grüße,

  25. Hallo Peter,

    kein Problem, ich freue mich über jede Antwort! :)
    Ja genau, die rote Anzeige der Stimmen. Wenn man Unison aktiviert, dann funktioniert es natürlich, doch klingt das preset wieder anders.
    Beim Reset verschwindet doch die ganzen Einstellungen, oder?

    • Hallo Max,

      Ich sehe eben, dass ich Dir gar nicht geantwortet habe. Entschuldige bitte!

      Unter Global würde ich die Filter „tunen“. Einen Reset solltest Du in der Tat nicht gleich machen. Zumindest nicht, ohne zuvor ein Backup durchgeführt zu haben. Bis dato war es aber so, dass nach dem Filter tune bei allen mit denen ich Kontakt hatte und ein ähnliches Problem sahen, das Problem gelöst war.

      Was ich allerdings nicht weiss ist, inwieweit es neue OS Releases gibt. Bis dato war es bei mir immer so, dass sich diese auf meine Sounds ziemlich drastisch ausgewirkt haben. So erging es mir z.B. auch beim Erstellen der Factory Sounds. Kaum hatte ich diese hingetrimmt, hat das nächste Update einige davon nahezu unkenntlich gemacht. Cord hat soweit ich weiss ähnliches beobachtet.

      Jedenfalls hoffen wir, dass unsere Sounds nach wie vor so klingen, wie wir sie damals programmiert und in einigen Demos vorgestellt haben.

      Liebe Grüße,

  26. Thank you so much for your hard work.

    this is my first synth, and learning curve is steep, but really enjoying your bank!

    much love from NY & South Korea!

    • Thank you Kyumin for your kind words. Cord and I are glad to read that you like our sound bank.

      The DSI P12 is a great synthesizer with a huge sonic range. Stay tuned, we might come out with another sound bank for the P12. :)


  27. Hi guys
    thanks so much for the sound set; I really appreciate the work you’re doing.
    Just few notes:
    – P30 Crocket – thank you! With my band we play Crocket’s theme as instrumental between the first and the second part and this sound is perfect!
    – P34 Trumpet – fantastic sound, I would like to use in PSB West End Girl, but it sound too low in volume. Why this choice?
    – P50 Don’t go – are you sure? the right sound in the split is not correct in my opinion
    – P59 Just Can’t get – still missing something… better emulation on my Virus
    – P60 Syn strings – Fantastic!!!
    – P62 PPG bells – DM perfect sound! Bravi!
    – P76 Watte pad – I love it! The right final sound for DM Never let me down

    Waiting for other 80’s inspired sounds for P12… :)

    Thanks a lot

    • Ciao Antonio,

      Thank you so much!

      It is interesting to see, that still P12 users download our SoundSet and seem to like it.

      I will inform Cord as most of the sounds you listed were programmed by him. At least from what I remember. Unfortunately I do not own the P12 anymore, so therefore I might be wrong. However, regarding „Don’t go“ I have an example programmed on the Korg Odyssey – https://soundcloud.com/petermmahr/korg-arp-odyssey-demo-1

      All the best,

      ps: More sounds – Let’s see. Cord and I are discussing if we should proceed and about the way. So stay tuned.

  28. Hello Peter

    The link to download the bank for the Prophet died 12

    is it possible to have mail or deliver according the link

    Your bank is beautiful

    thank you very much


    • Peter M Mahr

      12. Dezember 2015 um 11:06

      Hello Marc,

      Last weekend my website was moved to a new address. This might be the explanation. I will check and send you a private message.

      Best regards,

  29. Finally got this set installed in my P12. There are some beautiful sounds in this set that really inspire me to play. Thank you!

    • Peter M Mahr

      31. Dezember 2015 um 6:33

      We are very glad to read that our sounds inspire you. Thank you for your feedback.

      I wish I still had the P12 as now with FM there are so many additional sounds possible. To me the Prophet-12 is the best DSI synthesizer and I miss it.

  30. Lovely stuff. Had this set downloaded for months. Finally loaded them into my P12 module, (also finally mapped the midi ccs to my nektar keyboard), couple of beers and a lovely Sunday afternoon in my loft room with my p12. Thank you.

    • Peter M Mahr

      10. Januar 2016 um 17:13

      > couple of beers and a lovely Sunday afternoon in my loft room with my p12

      Glad you like our sounds and enjoy them under the best circumstances. :-)

      Cord and I worry, as DSI released a new OS for the P12 and we were not sure about the impact on our sounds. Do you mind sharing which OS you are using?



  32. Dear Peter,

    Thank you so much for the amount of work you offer to everyone.

    I however have a question now : how to install your soundbank to user 3 instead of user 4 ? Because user 4 is my personnal collection now :p

    Thanks again , and wish you the best.


    • Peter M Mahr

      31. Januar 2016 um 22:20

      Dear Elie,

      Cord and I are glad that you like our sounds.

      Regarding your question – I am not 100% sure as I used the editor for that kind of work. I am sure you made a backup, therefore the easiest way probably is to copy our sounds from Bank 4 to Bank 3 and afterwards load your Bank 4 to its old place.

      Best regards,

  33. Joakim Uddling

    30. Januar 2016 um 20:37

    Thank you, Peter!

    This is a great collection of sounds which shows this wonderful synths true potential. Dave Smith should hire you to make the presets in the future.

    All the Best
    Joakim, Sweden

    • Peter M Mahr

      31. Januar 2016 um 22:36

      Hi Joakim,

      Great that you like our P12 SoundSet!

      You probably would need to post your feedback at DSI forum as I doubt this page receives lots of attention. DSI must be very busy in developing new instruments. Therefore I doubt that there is much time left to look at such small personal blogs dedicated to synthesizers like mine.

      Regarding sounds, it seems Dave and his team prefer working with „Inhalt“ and other colleagues, which is fine with me.

      I am glad whenever I read a comment like yours here! Thank you for your kind words.

      Greetings to wonderful Sweden,

    • Peter M Mahr

      19. Februar 2016 um 7:54

      Hi Joakim,

      I am not sure whether you saw it, but DSI contacted me and I had the chance to program some patches for their new OB-6. You can listen to some examples here – https://soundcloud.com/petermmahr/sets/dsi-ob-6


  34. Thank you so much!

    So inspiring that I had to make a whole track with only this bank (besides clap+vox):


    Darf man auf mehr hoffen?

    • Peter M Mahr

      16. März 2016 um 20:24


      Great track! I guess I can post the following also on behalf of Cord. Whenever we receive feedback and a link to a track in which our sounds were used we know why we spent all the time to create this sound set.

      At the moment I do not own a P12, therefore Cord might release some sounds. Listening to your demo makes me one more regret my decision.


  35. Amaire Johnson

    1. Juni 2016 um 14:12

    Hey !
    I want to thank you ! This is dope once I figure out the sysex a little more ill try a few out. I intend to use a few patches combined with the ones i made for a European & US opening act for Rihanna would love to keep in touch maybe even collar on something much love and thanks !
    Amaire Johnson

    • Peter M Mahr

      2. Juni 2016 um 9:03

      Hi Amaire,

      Thank you for your kind feedback!

      We are happy that you like our sounds and we are curios to listen to any track in which you are going to use them. Please feel free to post here. And of course you are always welcome to get in touch.

      I will send you an email.


  36. Hey, great sounds. I will use P12 more now. Thanx!

    • Peter M Mahr

      18. August 2016 um 0:21


      > I will use P12 more now.

      If this is due to Cord’s and my SoundSet then this is one of the biggest compliments.


  37. hi Peter
    i’m not able to find the link to download the file for the p12, preset,
    thanks for your help and best regard

    • Peter M Mahr

      12. Juli 2017 um 7:23


      Indeed, for some reason it disappeared. I need to check what happened. Is there any way to send you the file directly?

      EDIT – I checked and at the same time highlighted the text which you need to click. Please scroll down to „And here it is: CPM SoundSet Download File © Cord Mueller & Peter M. Mahr“ and click on „CPM SoundSet Download File“. If it still does not work, please let me know.

      Best regards,

  38. p12 please? Thanks!

  39. Jonathan Evans

    3. Mai 2018 um 10:18

    I’ve come to the P12 a bit late but wanted to say thanks for this sound set. I usually work up my own presets, specifically tailored for my own music, but you’ve given me a great starting point and shown off the P12’s features. Cheers!

    • Peter M Mahr

      6. Mai 2018 um 13:06

      Hi Jonathan,

      let me thank you, also on behalf of Cord, for your kind words.

      We both really appreciate them and we are happy whenever a colleague like you is using our sounds to create new ones or use them in their music.

      Personally I am surprised about the number of downloads, comments and also clicks (nearly 30.000) although the sounds are not promoted anywhere.

      I needed to mention this to send Cord some positive vibes ;-) via the comments, as he came with an idea. And I think your comment just came at the right timepoint to remind us…

      All the best,

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