DSI Prophet 12 – CPM SoundSet

Are you owner of a Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 synthesizer? Are you looking for new sounds?
Then you might be interested in our CPM SoundSet.

Cord Mueller and I will offer a complete Sound Bank for Dave Smith’s Prophet 12 – the CPM SoundSet which you can download here.

All sounds used on the following demo tracks are Prophet 12 sounds and part of the SoundSet. Drum sounds were sampled into a MPC and used as sample. This was a necessity due to the b-timbrality of the P12.

We did not use any external effects on the sound demos here. If you think you hear a kind of reverb, then it might be a mix of a long Release time and the internal Delay. If you think you hear a kind of soft phaser or chorus, then it is the internal Delay and/or Pitch Modulation. However, on the tracks you can listen now, we used some EQ and a slight compression on the master track.


Our sounds make use of the various Prophet 12 controllers. Please listen to the following example in which we used both Sliders and the Mod Wheel. Needless to say it again, however, all sounds (drums!) are Prophet-12.


HYBRID sound examples:

Sound: Hybrid Aah
At the beginning of this example Slider 2 (SL2) is set to maximum. If you want to make the guy sound bad, at least in the lower range, just move Slider 1 all the way up.

In the next demo Filter Decay is controlled by the ModWheel, which also controls the Delay 1 amount. Slider 1 controls LPF CutOff whereas Slider2 fades in the Sub Osc (level) and adds to the bottom:

Sound: Marimba Dreams

And here is another one reminding us a bit on a PPG Wave:

Sound: Norweg Str

The following example starts with a sound that reminds us on the D-50 but after eight bars it starts to shine bright:

Sound: D50 Pad

Sound: Aton Chor

Sound: Twin Peaks Pad

Sound: Van Ice Piano

Last but not least a typical pad sound from the 80s.
Sound: Watte Pad

Typical SQR sound from the 80s.
Sound: Just Dream Square

If you want to listen to more sound demos please visit our Prophet 12 CPM SoundSet demo collection on SoundCloud.

Congratulations and thank you, if you listened to all of the demos :-). We hope you enjoyed them. If you like some of the sounds you might ask yourself now one or two questions. :) Well… one answer is quite easy. This set will be free, however, we will ask you just for one or two little things  (e.g. feedback).

Stay tuned.

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  1. What an excellent group of sounds that show off the capabilities of the Prophet 12. Warm, mellow, biting are just a few of the words to describe these excellent sounds! Fantastic!

  2. Hi! Great sounds! What a excellent job you have done! Keep it up and nice that it’s free.

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