Lazy Bones by
Analogue 68

SoundCloud is a good source to listen to new tracks. In this case it is a track from someone within my network – Martin Greaves aka Analogu68. Read here what Martin explained to his track:

It may surprise you to know there are only three chords continually repeating throughout the whole piece.

There are no tempo changes and all at standard 4/4 time 120bpm.

There are 15 midi tracks utilising the Roland Integra-7 sounds. I bought the I7 for two reasons. I have always been a big Roland fan and secondly, I wanted a compact piece of hardware with a diverse range of lovely sounds (I do not use any soft synths). I do not want to do any editing of sounds so I just use the standard patches (occasionally, I will tweak an envelope setting, filter or FX setting to suit my requirements). When I am happy with the midi tracks, I record each one individually into its own audio track. Then, I can add EQ, Plug-in effects and group tracks into busses (by the way, I use Sonar X3 Producer – with default plug-ins).

The TR-8 is used for all percussion work. I have the 7×7 upgrade and Lazy Bones uses the 707 sounds. When I purchased this TR-8, I did not care if it sounded exactly like an 808 or 909, etc. I just wanted a simple piece of hardware with lots of knobs, buttons and sliders. It is lovely being able to tweak the parameters of each percussion instrument so easily to suit the style and key of the song. The best thing is getting all the drum sounds over USB into individual tracks in Sonar for processing.

The name of the song „Lazy Bones“ is a critical analysis of myself. Very typically, I am lazy when it comes to producing each song. I do a lot of „copy and paste“ and do not spend too much time on the production and mixing. This time, I thought I will not rush to get a track up and posted on Sound Cloud, but I will spend more time fine tuning things. I spent several evenings after recording listening again and again and tweaking things here and there. I found that taking a break for a day or so and coming back can give a fresh perspective on the song and I could hear things that I couldn’t before and was able to make more subtle changes.

So for this piece of music, I tried very hard NOT to be Lazy Bones.

Many thanks,
Martin Greaves.

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  1. Was braucht es mehr um ein cooles Stück zu schaffen?;-) Kein Moog kein Oberheim etc.

    Klasse Gruß Axel

    • Peter M Mahr

      20. Juli 2016 um 16:22

      Besser kann man es nicht auf den Punkt bringen Axel. Genau so ist es und mir gefällt auch die Geschichte zum Stück.

      Liebe Grüsse,

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