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Eventide Eclipse – Italo de Angelis presets
3mins and 50secs of a single Minimoog [R] sequence to demo two of the Italo de Angelis sounds for Eventide’s Eclipse. PGM 544 MikeInABox3 PGM 558 [...]
PreAmp Comparison
Today I finally could reconnect everything in the studio. To check if all connections are in place and working I recorded a short Minimoog Reissue (MMR) [...]
Moog IIIc und Minimoog Model D Reissue
Manches Mal gibt es Momente in denen es einem einfach nicht gelingt das Gehörte so aufzunehmen, wie man es gerade selbst im Raum wahrgenommen hat. Das ist [...]
Roland SYSTEM-8
When I listened the first time to the Jupiter-8 factory sounds of Roland’s SYSTEM-8 I was quite disappointed. But after a little tweaking I ended up [...]
Release Time – Interview
To get to the interview please click – Release Time Interview
Outboard 2017
Outboard 2017
Laboratory 2017
Roland TR-808 Samples
There ist not much to say that has not already been said about Roland’s TR-808. Like its brother the TR-909 it is a classic drum machine with sounds [...]
My inconsistency #1105
My inconsistency #1105
Meine persönliche Weihnachtsgeschichte 2016
Ich weiss nicht ob es Ihnen ähnlich ergeht wie mir, manches Mal bin ich geneigt für einen Moment an der Menschheit zu verzweifeln. Die Ereignisse wie [...]