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KEYBOARDS – freaks@home
Mein ganz besonderer Dank geht an Klaus P. Rausch, der mich nicht nur damals „interviewt“ hat, sondern auch auf die Idee brachte den Beitrag [...]
April 17th afternoon
DAWless: Club of the Knobs – Synthesizer Model 15 Moog – Minimoog Model D Reissue AKAI – MPC4000 (Arturia DrumBrute Sound Set) All EFX: [...]
Grp R24 Analog Step Sequencer
Grp R24 Analog Step Sequencer
Eventide Eclipse – Italo de Angelis presets
3mins and 50secs of a single Minimoog [R] sequence to demo two of the Italo de Angelis sounds for Eventide’s Eclipse. PGM 544 MikeInABox3 PGM 558 [...]
PreAmp Comparison
Today I finally could reconnect everything in the studio. To check if all connections are in place and working I recorded a short Minimoog Reissue (MMR) [...]
Moog IIIc und Minimoog Model D Reissue
Manches Mal gibt es Momente in denen es einem einfach nicht gelingt das Gehörte so aufzunehmen, wie man es gerade selbst im Raum wahrgenommen hat. Das ist [...]
Roland SYSTEM-8
When I listened the first time to the Jupiter-8 factory sounds of Roland’s SYSTEM-8 I was quite disappointed. But after a little tweaking I ended up [...]
Release Time – Interview
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Outboard 2017
Outboard 2017
Laboratory 2017