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Ein weiteres Kalenderjahr neigt sich dem Ende zu. Viel Zeit für Kreatives hatte ich in 2017 nicht und aus aktueller Sicht verspricht 2018 in dieser Hinsicht nicht wirklich besser zu werden. Und dennoch entwickeln sich die Dinge langsam und stetig weiter….


DSI Pro 2: My Factory Sounds


The following audio track is a demo of some sounds I programmed for the Pro-2 factory patches:

Single sound examples:


Para Simple Saw:

Soft Sync:


You can download all sounds I programmed for DSI#s Pro-2 via the download link a little later. Before you download please make a backup of all your DSI Pro 2 sounds before loading my sounds into your Pro 2. Unfortunately I cannot check any more to which bank the sounds load. Over the time they might have undergone slight changes as several updates have been released. However, they should still sound very close to the demo track.


These sounds are freely distributed „as is”. Therefore I cannot be hold liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss. If you do not agree to these terms, then please do not download, and of course do not install and use them.

You are using these sounds at your own risk.

DSI OB-6: My Factory Sounds


OB-6: „Modern Pad“

OB-6: „Can the DSI OB-6 do classic Oberheim sounds?“

OB-6: More examples
Intro Pad: First 4 chords are OB-6 dry, followed by the same chords plus internal EFX. Other sounds use only internal OB-6 EFX.


Some of you asked for it, and here they are. The sounds I contributed to the factory presets for Dave Smith Instruments OB-6.

At the bottom of this blog entry you’ll find the pdf with some information and the sysex file.

IMPORTANT – The sounds were originally stored in the first User Bank (please see pdf). However, I highly recommend to make a backup of all your sounds BEFORE loading the sounds.





These Factory Sounds were programmed for the Dave Smith Instruments DSI OB-6 and they are freely distributed „as is”. I cannot be hold liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss because of using these sounds. If you do not agree to these terms, then do not download and install. You are using these sounds at your own risk.

sndEXMP – DSI Pro 2

Dave Smith Instruments‘ Pro 2 zählt für mich zu den unterschätzten Instrumenten. Primär ist er mit seinen vier Oszillatoren als monophoner Synthesizer ausgelegt, lässt sich aber auch paraphon spielen. Beeindruckend ist vor allem seine klangliche Vielfalt, insbesondere dann, wenn der interne Sequenzer zum Einsatz kommt. In dem folgenden Klangbeispiel hören Sie einen einzigen Klang, der sich die vielfältigen Modulationsmöglichkeiten zunutze macht.

sndEXMP – DSI OB-6 Pad

If you like this sound and would like to use it with your DSI OB-6, then please click the following download link.

synTRK 002: Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

Synthesizer: Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

Multitrack: OB-6

Format: 44.1kHz/24bit MP3: 256bit/s

Composer: Rüdiger Gaenslen


Dave Smith & Tom Oberheim:

The DSI OB-6 arrived… again, but this time to stay.


Arrival of the DSI OB-6

For many years I have been a fan of Massive Attack, but I have to admit that I never been a fan of Tom’s „blue lines“. But what was underneath the blue lines I loved. For a long time. Today the OB-6 arrived for factory sound programming. A once in a life-time collaboration between Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim. And of course I started the session with taking photos.

DSI OB-6 front ©pmm

The OB-6 is a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim

The OB-6 sound engine is inspired by Tom Oberheim’s legendary SEM. It comes with two discrete VCOs plus a sub-oscillator. Like DSIs Prophet-6 is the OB-6 a six voice analogue synthesizer. The Filter is an Oberheim-inspired 2-pole. Find more details here.

DSI OB-6 + P6 v2 ©pmm

DSI/SEQUENTIAL Prophet 6 and DSI/Tom Oberheim OB-6

I will post demos of some of my programs here. So in case you are interested, it might be worth to visit again.



Mike Hiegemann, aka Paul Dither, hat für die DSI Synthesizer Pro 2, Prophet 12, sowie für Sequentials Prophet-6 das jeweilige Manual ins Deutsche übersetzt. Im folgenden finden Sie die Links zum Download der Handbücher:


DSI Prophet 12 – CPM SoundSet – Download

Here you find the download link to Cord Mueller’s and my CPM SoundSet. Please read the following information before downloading and transferring our sounds to your DSI Prophet 12.


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