SchlagwortDSI OB-6

synTRK 002: Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

Synthesizer: Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

Multitrack: OB-6

Format: 44.1kHz/24bit MP3: 256bit/s

Composer: Rüdiger Gaenslen


Arrival of the DSI OB-6

For many years I have been a fan of Massive Attack, but I have to admit that I never been a fan of Tom’s „blue lines“. But what was underneath the blue lines I loved. For a long time. Today the OB-6 arrived for factory sound programming. A once in a life-time collaboration between Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim. And of course I started the session with taking photos.

DSI OB-6 front ©pmm

The OB-6 is a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim

The OB-6 sound engine is inspired by Tom Oberheim’s legendary SEM. It comes with two discrete VCOs plus a sub-oscillator. Like DSIs Prophet-6 is the OB-6 a six voice analogue synthesizer. The Filter is an Oberheim-inspired 2-pole. Find more details here.

DSI OB-6 + P6 v2 ©pmm

DSI/SEQUENTIAL Prophet 6 and DSI/Tom Oberheim OB-6

I will post demos of some of my programs here. So in case you are interested, it might be worth to visit again.


© 2018 Peter M Mahr

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