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Yamaha is back – Yamaha MONTAGE

Update 04.02.2016

Demo by Katsunori Ujiie.

Katsunori is one of the best synthesizer presenters on the web. Of course in my opinion and as long as you are interested in playing keyboards/synthesizers in a more traditional way.

However, if this is the best what Yamaha’s MONTAGE is going to offer, then I am in the fortunate position to save myself a lot of money. My interest decreased over the time but got actually killed @ 21:20.

But please judge yourself:



Return of an old friend – Yamaha DX7

After an hour of cleaning. I do not know what the previous owner did to this instrument. In German the best word to describe his activities would be „Drecksau“. This also would perfectly describe the way how he does business.

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