Wooh, thumbs up Arturia! As some of you might have read, I was quite disappointed about the delays in getting the MatrixBrute. And in the case of Arturia’s all new Analog Drum Synthesizer named DrumBrute, it seemed that the story will repeat. You can imagine how surprised I was on Friday when I was told that the DrumBrute will be sent to me. It was picked up the same day from the music ship and today a friendly guy from Swiss Post delivered the box. Let me start with the photos…



Here is a track in which I used DrumBrute samples [played with an AKAI MPC4000; Synthesizer COTK M15]:

DB’s backside showing Ins and Outs: MONO Output and single outputs for Tom Hi, Tom Low, Cymbal, Rim, Marac/Tamb, Zap, Kick 1, Kick 2, Snare, Clap, Hat and Metronome.


Hands on with Mad Zach gearslutz: