White SCHMIDT Synthesizer

Axel Fisher just posted a photo of a white SCHMIDT Synthesizer on Facebook. According to Axel a second batch of 25 pieces (in total 50 pieces) will be produced. The white version will be part of the second series.



Addendum January 3rd, 2017 – „The Schmidt synthesizer“ by Mr Firechild

Find here an interview with Stefan Schmidt [unfortunately in GERMAN only]

Thank you Axel!

© photo SCHMIDT Synthesizer

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  1. Fantastic instrument but the tipical thing is that it’s posibilities are so great and the sounds so complex that it tends to sound like a synth with digital oscillators in al the demo’s I’ve heard. Go figure. But it’s a great piece of work. The synth that should make you sell all your other synths.

    • Peter M Mahr

      17. Dezember 2016 um 10:55

      Hi Marc,

      It definitely is and I agree to what you wrote. The SCHMIDT is an amazing synthesizer. But Clav sounds for example do not do the potential justice. I wish they had better demos. However, it’s a great piece of work and Stefan did an amazing job.


    • Peter M Mahr

      3. Januar 2017 um 15:34

      Hi Marc,

      I’ve just added a track recorded by Pontus Hagberg aka Mr. Firechild.


      • Schmidt In the Club and Ready to Schmidt are good examples of how it can also sound less digital. Shades Of Schmidt V2 reminds me a bit of the last food TD period (Thief, Exit, White Eagle, Logos). All together prove that you do not need to own anyhting else if you want to do good subtractive synthesis.

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